Why We Need Inflatable Landing Airbag?

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As a stunt performer, you need absolute safety to try some new moves. Though you are protected by the helmets and pads what about your soft landing? This article is for those stuntmen who like to take their game to the next level and want to practice their incredible moves without compromising safety.

So if you are someone who loves to perform freestyle activities, or big jumps from ramps riding your BMX, snowboard, and skateboard, you definitely need a soft sports airbag in order to make a smooth landing.

This is the part where we come into play, you don’t have to reach out to various websites to check out information on airbags. You will be served with all necessary information on landing airbags along with the location you can get supplies of safe and strong inflated landing airbags.

So without further ado let us begin by understanding what exactly are landing airbags, and what its advantages are.

What is landing airbags?

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As the name is projecting the definition – landing airbags are an inflated bag that is designed to cover the entire landing area, to provide protection against strong impacts.

Landing airbags are widely used in sports as it offers the jumper a great amount of safety while training.

Application of landing airbags

Here is the fact – the landing airbags are bringing revolution in action sports. How? Let us take an example of a stuntman who is into snowboarding sport. That person can only train either in winters or in a location where he can find a slope that is covered with snow to determine his snowboard landing.

But in case of landing airbags, it provides year-round training, as you can use landing airbags in dry slopes in summers and as well as in winters.

The whole point of the example was to give an overview of the when and where it can be used. Now let us see how it works.

The landing airbags are manufactured in such a way that it absorbs every impact of the body when it lands, that means the risk of injury is almost zero percent. There are two layers in the airbag that absorbs the collision.

The air vents can be adjusted in landing airbags that allow a change in the surface either soft or hard.

Landing airbags come with anchoring features. With the help of this feature, you can adjust the elevation of the landing area.

Soft side bumpers are another feature in landing airbags that determines the safety of the jumper. The jumper does not slide off from either side of the landing airbag.

Then there are soft stoppers at the end of airbag that prevents the jumper to make a transition – means from going through a soft surface to a hard one.

Now the biggest question that can come into your mind after reading all these features is – Where can I find this incredible product?’ You need to calm down and wash away all your worries, as we are providing you a link to a site that offers you a wonderful reliable landing airbag.

About SUNPARK Airbag

SUNPARK Airbag is a leading China manufacturer of airbags providing freestyle airbags for leisure industries and extreme sports.

SUNPARK China landing airbag manufacturer have kept the highest priority on the quality of the products so that it ensures the safety of the jumper. The material used in all the products is eco-friendly, and PLATO Brand.

It is recognized and trusted by Famous Rider, World Champions and many resorts and gymnasium. In addition, the products of SUNPARK Airbag have been internationally certified for the Material, Airbags, Blowers.

Product Catalog

Inflatable FMX Landing Airbag
1: Landing Airbag

2: Air Landing

3: Stunt Airbag

4: Freefall Airbag

5: Foam Pit Airbag

6: Custom Airbag

SUNPARK Airbags Advantages

1: Get quality certified airbags for safety.

2: The product catalog offers different types of airbags.

3: PLATO Brand and eco-friendly material inside & outside.

4: Provide customization, and the 3D model is sent for confirmation before starting the production process.

The bottom line is – If you are looking for airbags for extreme sports or leisure and recreational activity SUNPARK Airbag is the best choice you can make.

Final Words

Let us recap the article – Safety is something that cannot and should not be compromised in case of performing either extreme sports or simply training for freestyle moves or for recreational activities that include high jumps.

But if you have that in mind you are good to go and order your product from the best China Manufacturer SUNPARK Airbag that has been serving many resorts, famous riders and world champions over 10 years. Good luck and train safe.



With over 10 years of experience, we provide freestyle airbags for ski resorts, theme park, sports and gymnastics facility around the globe.

SunparkAirbag® is the leading manufacturer of Airbags for Extreme Sports and Leisure Industries in China.




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