Inflatable FMX Air Landing

Description of FMX Airbag Landing

This portable FMX Airbag Landing System is a GAME-CHANGER for freestyle action sports, providing unparalleled safety and featuring the most realistic training tool in the world. Forget about the big crash – with our FMX airbag and integrated fmx landing ramp, you can learn new tricks and perfect your FMX landing without getting hurt.

This inflatable landing ramp system is weather-resistant and easy to set up. The fmx landing ramp provides a safe and controlled launchpad, eliminating the need for a hill, while the large airbag cushion ensures the softest landings. Its compact size requires limited storage space, making it perfect for travel and easy transportation to any FMX landing spot.

SunparkAirbag® collaborates with renowned riders to design and customize the perfect inflatable landing bag for every client. Whether you desire a specific landing angle for the airbag or unique specifications for your fmx landing ramp, our FMX airbag landers can be tailored to your needs. Wanna own your custom air bag landing? Contact us now!

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Features of SunparkAirbag® FMX Landing Airbag

>FMX Landing Airbag with 2 layered chambers
>Firm fmx landing ramp as base
>Air vents for softness adjustment (Airbag)
>Advanced anchoring system for secure fixation (System)
>Strong Dual D rings connection for stability (System)
>Removable & replaceable top sheet for extended lifespan (Airbag)
>Logo branding with printing for customization (Airbag)
>Strong reinforcements in high-stress areas (Airbag & Ramp)
>2-Year warranty for peace of mind

Advantages of SunparkAirbag® Inflatable Landing Bag

FMX Air Landing 3 Chambers

1. Three Chambers System

Two Layered Chambers with multi-compartment air pockets on the top airbag landing, and one chamber for the inflated landing wedge underneath. The angle can be customized to your request, making it suitable for various action sports, like FMX, BMX, and MTB.

2. Air Vents System

Multiple adjustable air vents allow precise and independent adjustment of the softness of both the upper and lower airbag chambers. This caters to athlete preferences and training targets, ensuring a safe and controlled landing experience. The SunparkAirbag® BMX Landing Airbag offers riders of all skill levels a safe platform to practice their tricks.

Air Vent for Softness
Tie Down Point

3. Anchoring System

Our Anchor rings are made of durable stainless steel for a longer working life. Strategically placed every 2 meters around the entire airbag, these anchor points provide firm fixation, ensuring safety during practice or shows.

4. Dual D rings connection

Strong double D rings with a wide web strip connect the FMX airbag landing and the inflated ramp, guaranteeing a secure and stable setup. Our stainless steel D rings and 5cm wide web strip ensure the inflatable landing bag remains firm and secure even under the impact of landings.

Connection of airbag and wedge - Sunpark
Top Sheet Seamless

5. Removable & Replaceable Top Sheet

The special coating on the top sheet’s surface enhances its suitability for various sports. Our Topsheets offer unbeatable flexibility and durability. The removable and seamless design allows for easy replacement when worn out, extending the lifespan of your stunt airbag.

6. Material for Airbag

Manufactured using the most advanced 0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin (coated fabrics with mesh inside) sourced from the renowned Chinese supplier “Plato.” This material is waterproof, fire retardant, and boasts exceptional tensile strength, ensuring the longevity and resilience of your blow up landing ramp.

0.55mm Material Color Sheet
Port: Guangzhou
Material: 0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin for airbag, 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin for top sheet, water-proof, flame-retardant, UV-protected, lead and phthalate free
Size: 15×7.2×4.8m
Color: As per color sheet
Printing: Digital, Silk-screen or UV Printing
HS Code: 9506990000
Price: Affordable and negotiated
Production time: 12 working days or so, depending on size and quantity
Workmanship: Our skilled workers have 5+ years of experience in airbag manufacturing, guaranteeing top-quality products.
Accessories: High-powered blower, repair kit, heavy-duty carrying bag
Package: All airbags are packed in a heavy-duty carrying bag for easy transport and storage
Blowers are packed in a strong box for protection

Steps of Order and Shipping

Steps of Order and Shipping


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