Stunt AirbagSunparkAirbag® Stunt Airbag is the best system to deal with the heaviest of impacts and the hardest of falls. There are double air chambers, Upper air chamber (CATCHING ZONE) absorb the energy and release it as air turbulence through the elastic torpedo valves.

Lower air chamber (SAFETY ZONE) is located at the base with higher air pressure to avoid any floor contact, even on the highest of jumps. SunparkAirbag® Stunt Airbag provides super soft, super safe landings. Multipurpose use: SKI , SNOWBOARD, SNOWTUBE, MOUNTAINBIKE, BMX, FMX, SKATEBOARD, INLINE SKATES, FREE FALL, TRAMPOLINE, GYMNASTICS, PARKOUR, SLACKLINE, CLIMBING, CIRCUS FEATS etc.