New Design Bike and Skate Airbag for Sale

Description of BMX Airbag

SunparkAirbag® Bike and Skate Airbag is made for skate park, they use airbag for Bike and Roller Skates mainly. Cause our client wants the BMX airbag to as  soft as possible, durable and safe. Compare few types of bike airbag, they choose this one which we called stunt airbag.

The Skate Airbag comes with a special inside structure to make it to be the perfect system to deal with hardest of falls.

For attaching airbag to walls and avoid spaces, we make a flap system around the top sheet to make athletes more safer.

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Features of SunparkAirbag® Bike Airbag

>2 chambers impact absorption system (Catching Zone & Safety Zone)
>Safety perimeter for secure landings
>Anchoring system for fixation
>Removable & replaceable top sheet and exit sheet
>Logo branding with printing
>Strong reinforcements made where it matters
>2-Year warranty

Advantages of SunparkAirbag® Skate Airbag

Bike and Skate Airbag Dual Chambers

1. Two Chambers System

Upper air chamber (CATCHING ZONE) absorb the energy and release it as air turbulence through the elastic torpedo valves. Lower air chamber (SAFETY ZONE) is located at the base with higher air pressure to avoid any floor contact, even on the highest of jumps.

2. Safety Perimeter for Secure Landings

Safety guard around the top perimeter is in a high pressure as same as the Safety Zone, it’s firm to protect riders from slipping or falling off even if they land close to the airbag perimeter.

Bike Airbag Safety Stopper

Autoshrink Air Vent

3. Excellent Impact Absorption

With air-vents shrink automatically, Stunt Airbag provides super soft, super safe landings at all times. Also there are extra regular air-vents for spare use according to your need.

4. Removable & Replaceable Top Sheet & Exit Sheet

Special coating on material surface has some great effects for various sports, our cover sheets provide unbeatable flexibility and durability. It’s removable, can be replaceable if it’s worn out.

Skate Airbag Flat Top Sheet

Anchor Strap

5. Anchoring System

Our Anchor ring is made of web strip with a longer working life, for all of our airbags, every 2 meter 1 anchor point, firm fixation is enough for snow or dirt.




0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin for airbag, 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin for top sheet, water-proof, flame-retardant, UV-protected, lead and phthalate free


8.8×4.5×1.5m (Regular size: 10x10x3m, 15x15x3m or customized)


As per color sheet


Digital, Silk-screen or UV Printing

HS Code:



Affordable and negotiated

Production time:

15 working days or so, it depends on how big and how many you want


Our workers have 5 years above experience in airbags to guaranteed all is making well


Blower, repair kit, heavy duty carrying bag


All airbags are packed with heavy duty carrying bag

Blowers are packed in strong box

Steps of Order and Shipping

Steps of Order and Shipping


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