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2021 Hot Selling BMX Landing Airbag For Sale China Supply

Are you looking to make your skating or biking safer and more fun?

If yes, then using an airbag is a perfect solution. Contrary to using foam pits, airbags are considerably more flexible and offer more protection as well.

Nevertheless, there is one issue with airbags, and it’s that there are countless companies in the industry that claim to manufacture the best ones. Unfortunately, most of these airbags are fake. Therefore, if you are searching for a reliable, high-quality airbag, SunParkAirbag is the way to go.

Let’s see what it has to offer;


This is a compact landing Airbag ideal for bike riders and skaters looking for an effortless and inexpensive setup. Also, it is extremely fun to use. Another advantage of this inflatable airbag is that its highly portable and perfect for bike riders of all skills.

BMX Jump Airbag (1)

Its small size and lightweight construction make this inflatable airbag rather effortless to move around. Besides, the angle and size can be customized once you make a request.

Again, it is made using PLATO material which is highly sturdy, fire retardant, water-resistant, and has impressive tensile strength. It is incredibly versatile since it is suitable for various sports, including MTB, BMX, skate, and FMX. For this reason, this landing airbag is also referred to as a Bike or MTB landing Airbag.


This incredible landing airbag comes with multiple benefits, such as;


As this product comes with numerous air pockets, you can modify the pressure according to your needs. Besides, the smooth design makes it perfect for novices, yet it is still vertical enough for professional riders to pull different sophisticated tricks.

Inflatable BMX Airbag Landing


In addition to having a versatile construction, this airbag features several changeable air vents, which offer you a chance to accurately and independently adjust its softness depending on your preferences and workout objectives. This inflatable bike landing airbag provides riders of different skill levels a secure place to work on their moves before trying them on an actual landing.


The stainless-steel anchor ring ensures durability. Again, every 2 meters feature one anchor point, throughout the airbag, with stable fixation sufficient for your practice sessions or shows.

Anchoring Strap


This bike airbag features a special coating that offers some excellent effects for different sports. Plus, the top sheets have unmatched flexibility and robustness. It is detachable, and in case it gets worn out, you can replace it.


As advertised, this airbag is extremely durable, and it’s made using the most sophisticated PVC tarpaulin. This 0.55mm material typically has mesh inside it. Again, the PVC is fire retardant, waterproof, and has amazing tensile strength.

0.55mm Material Color Sheet


So, why should you buy this BMX airbag? Honestly, there are plenty of reasons why it is an excellent product to have. As mentioned above, this airbag is durable, easily portable, and perfect for all bike riders. And that’s not all! Here are more reasons why as a bike rider, you should have this MTB Airbag landing;

1. IT IS HIGHLY PORTABLE.BMX Landing Airbag (4)

Typically, landing airbags are relatively portable, and this is why the BMX airbag beats most of them. This product is highly portable and thus can be moved and carried around effortlessly. For instance, you can move it from the front to the backyard, giving you various setup options. Also, you can put it in your vehicle and carry it to a different location. Ideally, all you require is speed from a winch or roll-in, a ramp, and one of these bad boys to set up in the location of your choice.


Airbag landings can be rather hands-on to clean. Blood, mold, and sweat are real and almost impossible to clean well. The material deteriorates, and you’re left with plenty of debris and dust throughout your airbag and in your airways as well once you land on it. Fortunately, this landing airbag is weatherproof and can be cleaned effortlessly. You finally get the chance to have more fun and, of course, clean less.


When it comes to purchasing an airbag landing, you either go big or go home. Skating or bike riding on an airbag is not quite forgiving, depending on the product you purchase. While Sunpark offers different airbags, this BMX landing airbag is wonderfully designed for your safety. Also, you will find that absorption impact is a bit gradual compared to foaming, offering you a much safer and smoother landing. It is straightforward to get off, allowing you to make more moves per hour.


SunPark Airbag is seen as one of the best voyages of China’s sports airbag mechanisms. They have more than a decade’s experience to offer a wide range of inflatable airbags for sports, gymnastics, ski resorts, and theme parks all across the globe.

Furthermore, they produce and supply airbags for sports and leisure. There is a high demand for safety items due to the surging interest of sports lovers in intense and serious sports such as snowboarding and trampoline. Therefore, SunparkAirbag has produced different kinds of inflatable airbags to motivate all the bag jumping funs.


You can rely on this firm for all your airbag needs since they are the best suppliers and manufacturers of sports airbags. They produce different kinds of airbags as per your needs.

Thus, if you require specific measurements or a customized design, you can contact them. Also, they guarantee the users` safety as they utilize top-quality strong yet smooth materials to make their airbags robust and durable.

Also, SunparkAirbag is a well-known manufacturer and supplier with their products being supplied throughout the Middle East, USA, and Europe, because they produce high-quality airbags. Moreover, they have affordable prices, as is evident with BMX airbag landing, which sits well with their customers.

Furthermore, SunparkAirbag products are licensed by CE EN14960. Their designs are approved by Europe’s sports industry before production begins. This way, they ensure the safety and durability of their sports airbags.

FINAL WORDTop Sheet of Mountain Bike Airbag

Landing airbags come in handy for individuals involved in the action and freestyle games. They have been resourceful game-changers from the day they were launched. They let the user work out and practice with the trust that they will not get injured even if they fall. For any sports enthusiast, they are a must-have, especially for skaters and bike riders.

Welcome to get in touch with SUNPARK Airbag, We are ready to serve you!


2021 Affordable Trampoline Park Airbag for Jump Zone Supply

The trampoline park industry has seen considerable growth in recent years. More and more facilities choose airbag technology for their trampoline parks, indoor freestyle academies, gymnastics Trampoline Park Airbag for Foam Pitshalls, and similar facilities. There are many reasons for their current popularity, such as their durability, safety, softness, hygiene, and more. They are simple, easy to install, and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. You can trust Jump Zone Supply to take care of all your needs in a friendly, professional, and affordable way.

Let’s look at what makes our airbags special.

Why you should strongly consider making the switch from outdated foam pits.

Foam Pit Airbag Anchor Strap


All you need to do is start up the blowers at the beginning of the day, and your trampoline airbag will be all set for business. You won’t need to undergo the tedious process of fluffing up foam cubes or replacing the ones that have been thrown out of the landing pit. You will save plenty of time, money, and energy that you would otherwise waste in the cleaning, replacement, and general maintenance of a foam cube pit.


The sheets that lay on top of the airbag pillars can be removed if you want to inspect the airbag, in the process of cleaning it, or if you seek to replace it due to excessive wear or damage. Note that these top sheets are highly durable, so you will rarely need to have them replaced. Jump Zone Supply also gives you the option of customizing a top sheet with the logo, color, or design of your choosing upon request.


Foam pit airbags are designed to maximize your safety by utilizing an air pillar configuration. There are four vertical pillars per square meter in what is known as the catching zone. The interconnected pillars will support each other and disperse the impact force from a jumper landing on them. The lower chamber will be found underneath these pillars and is referred to as the safety zone, which guarantees that jumpers will never contact the ground under any circumstances. For safety, durability, and functionality, nothing beats this design.

· HIGHER JUMP FREQUENCIESInflatable Foam Pit Gymnastics Airbag (1)

One of the most frustrating aspects of traditional foam cube pits is that a jumper takes a long time to climb out of the landing pit and allow for the next jump. With an airbag installed, you can accomplish this in a matter of seconds. This saved time will allow for a much higher frequency of jumping, which will make the experience all the more exciting and attractive to your patrons.


Traditional foam cubes are treated with flame retardant substances that tend to flake off and for tiny dust particles, especially as the cubes continue to deteriorate with age and heavy use. These particles are toxic and may be a potential source of illness when swallowed or breathed in by jumpers. The risk is especially high for children and those who have asthma and related respiratory ailments.


Our experience in building foam pit airbags spans many years, and we’ve built all sizes, shapes, and types of trampoline airbags for our clients. All our airbags, including custom designs, have variable blower positioning options, which is useful when considering outdoor or portable setups. Don’t be concerned about the particular dimensions of your existing landing pit – send us the plans or measurements of your landing pit, and we’ll be able to build a custom solution just for you. No expensive remodeling is required!


An elaborate anchoring system is in place to ensure the stability of the airbag and top sheet for all sports and activities. Anchor points are located on the top sheet at intervals of 2 meters or so. These will be fitted with aluminum rings for their excellent strength and resistance to the weakening effects of corrosion. Clients will also have the option of choosing an airbag that comes with a flap system for additional security, as the flap will effectively bridge the gap between your trampolines and the airbags.

· MINIMAL FIRE RISKInflatable Foam Pit Gymnastics Airbag (3)

Most old-fashioned foam pits are rated as fire hazards in the United States owing to their susceptibility to catching fire, which is why facilities in many states are required by law to have powerful and expensive sprinkler systems installed in their indoor facilities. With our airbags, the risk of fire damage is minimal due to the high fire safety certification of the materials we use in their construction.


Cleaning up a traditional foam cube landing pit will usually be a highly involving and time-consuming exercise. There will usually be all manner of debris and discarded items to be found in the jumble, including hair, sweat-stained foam cubes, socks, and plenty of other unhygienic material.

The dust that accumulates at the bottom of this type of pit can grow to levels that require shovels to properly remove, and you’ll have to empty the landing pit before you can do this. Cleaning up a jump trampoline airbag will only take you a matter of minutes. Most models have a removable outer tarp that you detach for more thorough cleaning whenever you feel it necessary.

· FULLY CERTIFIEDTrampoline Park Airbag

Our foam pit airbags are fully certified and recognized internationally for their quality and safety standards. The landing you will experience on an airbag is much softer than you would expect to encounter in a traditional foam cube pit. Airbags will also provide a broader range of functionality due to their adaptability and capacity to accommodate different types and degrees of impact.


We at Jump Zone Supply have made it our mission to supply the highest quality airbags at affordable prices. To ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for, we will be happy to guide you through the options available. You will find an airbag to suit your need from our vast selection, including landing, foam pit, freefall, air landing, and custom airbags. Call us today, and we’ll help you figure out what will work best for you.

Where to Buy Huge Freestyle Airbag Landing?

Airbag systems are widely used for various purposes on earth. For the landing system, these are used in helicopters, aerial cargo delivery system and UAVs purpose. Airbag system is also used in space applications. For the perfect manufacturing process of airbags, you will have to find out the best manufacturer. There are so many reliable manufacturers in China. But Sunpark is the best inflatable airbag manufacturer in China.

We all know that the concept of the airbag is a soft pillow to land against the crash. You will have to figure out the best manufacturing company and its details. Sunpark makes your whole work easy. They will give you the best service at an affordable rate. The customizable options are also there to satisfy the customers.

About the SUNPARK:


If you are a sports enthusiast, then you need to buy inflatable sports items. For this, you should go to the best supplier in China. Sunpark gives you the best service that you need. They have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. You can trust them. They will give you the proper products at reasonable prices. They maintain their quality. They always try to maintain the best quality of their services and serve the top class products as well. They are one of the best manufacturers in China. They make the best and high-quality airbags for sale.

Best products:

They make the best products and use advanced techniques and machinery to make the best airbags. They have already gained trust among their customers. They make the best airbags and other inflatable sports items. Quality is their main agenda. They try to manage everything within the said quality. The demand for their products is very high in the market. They deliver their products all around the world. So, they have a wide range of customers in the whole world. They are recognized as the famous and trustworthy company in China. They are recognized as the top business partner from where you can get all your needed items at an affordable range.

High-quality service:

The best service is the main goal for this company. They know how to deal with customers. They know the value of time and money. So, you can keep your trust in them. They will manage everything. They maintain the high-quality in order to manage the possibilities of progress without any kinds of injury and all. They create the products for the world champion snowboarder. They ensure the safety of every sports lover.

Professional employees:

Sunpark has a large team of professional, experienced and skilled workers. They all know how to handle the clients and complete their needs. All time quality is their highest priority. So, they try to meet the requirements of the clients and satisfy their needs as well. The professional employees have the working capability and handle large and small projects as well.

Customized products:

They can also produce customized products for the customers. The goal of the inflatable airbags is to slow the passenger’s forward motion as maximum as possible within the fraction of moment. So, Sunpark always try to make the airbag lightweight. They make it with the help of thin nylon fabric. You can easily keep it in your car door as well. They always try to make the best and lightweight material.

Automatic cutting machine:

They use the automatic cutting machine in order to produce the best and top-class products. They use this type of machine in order to reduce the pressure of the employees.

Big welder machine:

They use the top class welder machine in order to complete the whole process. They are very much popular in making China stunt airbag. They also make the vented airbags in order to release the gas. UAV airbags are exactly like this. You can get the ensured and certified products from them. You do not need to take the pressure. You can enjoy your sports with their high-quality airbags.

Best sewing machines:

Sunpark is using the best and high-quality sewing machines. The best equipment is very much necessary to produce the top class products. You should not go anywhere else. You can keep your trust in them. They will ensure the best quality. You can also get the products at an affordable rate.

Variety of products:

They make a wide range of products and try to meet the needs of the clients all over the world. Apart from the inflatable airbags, they produce the action sports trampoline. You can also get the assembly instructions with their products. Their products are highly valuable and easy to assemble as well. They test their products before delivery. So, you do not take any kinds of pressure. They will solve your problems and satisfy you as well.

Packaging and delivering:

They take extra care at the time of packaging and delivering. They use the PVC packaging system. They try to provide the best delivering service to the customers. The production is very much important but on the other hand, the delivery process should be quick as well. This will increase the value of the company. Sunpark always tries to maintain these all. They use the loading container. They check the material stocks as well before deliver it to the clients. They have separate employees for each work. They divide the whole work for easy and quick application.

Actually, in the automobile industry, the seatbelt and airbag are the essential things. These are the most useful and safety devices and these can restrain the people from any kinds of accidents. So, the manufacturing of airbags has been increased so far for the development and due to the increased demands. You will get a wide range of variables such as ski jumping airbag, skiing airbag, portable gymnastic foam pit, Olympic size landing airbag and all. If you are a sports lover, then Sunpark is here to meet your all needs. You can get the freestyle airbags from them. They will give you the perfect products at a reasonable rate. You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to buy any kinds of these products. They are the one-stop solution for you.

Best Stunt Inflatable Airbag China Manufacturer

If you are looking for a manufacturer of the best stunt airbag wholesale in China then Sunpark Airbag can be the right company for you. The airbags produced by this company are the best in their class as they can deal with the hardest falls and heaviest impacts easily.

Features of stunt inflatable air bag by Sunpark Airbag

The inflatable stunt bags produced by SunparkAirbag are the best in their class because of their following features:

They have double chambers to fill air to absorb the heavies impacts and hardest fallsThe energy of the fall is absorbed by the upper chamber of the airIt includes elastic torpedo valves to release the disorder in the airThe lower chamber of air on the base of the stunt airbag helps in avoiding a direct contact of the stuntman to the floor as the air is filled in it at higher pressure.It makes these bags as the excellent choice for bag jumping events.SUNPARK Airbag Logo

In this way, the stunt airbags from SunparkAirbag ensure to provide the safest and softest landings to the stuntman every time.

Introduction with the company

SunparkAirbag is considered as the explorer of sports airbag system in China. They have experience of more than 10 years to provide a wide variety of inflatable airbags for theme parks, ski resorts, gymnastics and sports throughout the world. They manufacture and supply airbags not only for sports but also for leisure industries of the world.

The demand of safety products increased with the increasing interest of sports enthusiast in the extreme and serious sports like trampoline, snowboarding etc. So, they have manufactured various types of inflatable airbags like snowboard airbag, and inflatable stunt bag, etc. to encourage bag jumping enthusiast.

From the very beginning they are improving their products as they are deeply committed to provide high quality products to their customers as the safety of jumpers is their highest priority. They use the best quality materials, machinery and technology to manufacture their products.

The company SunparkAirbag is recognized and trusted by famous riders, ski resorts and world champions as their products are certified by CE EN14960 for meeting the standards of European countries.Stunt Airbag (2)

All the airbags produced by them can be customized as before starting production they send their 3D design to their customers for confirmation. So, if you are looking for a sports airbag manufacturer in China then SunparkAirbag can be the best choice for you. They provide one-stop-service to their business partners by producing airbags as per their requirements.

Products manufactured and supplied by SunparkAirbag

SunparkAirbag, a Chinese company, designs, manufactures and supplies a wide variety of sports airbags in its factory in Balyun district, Guangzhou, China. Different types of sports airbags provided by them may include snowboard airbag, landing airbag, foam pit airbag, stunt airbag, custom airbag and freefall airbag etc. All of these products are designed and manufactured as per the standards of USA, European countries and Middle East.

These landing bags have 2 chambers with multiple air pockets inside them. The softness of these airbags can be adjusted with the help of air vents on both sides. You can also have these airbags with side bumpers to protect the jumpers from sliding to their sides, but it is not mandatory. They use the best quality materials to make them durable, eco-friendly, flame and water resistant and UV safe. Instead of sewing the top sheet of this airbag is added seamlessly. These bags are available in various standard sizes including Olympic size for freestyle training bags etc.

These airbags are known for hygienic and health safety, durability and softness. They can frequently be used as jumping bags at sports events. 4 air pillars provided in this bag help in individually absorbing the impact along with allowing the high jumpers to have perfectly soft and instant landing. The jumpers are prevented to have a direct contact with the ground due to the unique air system in the lower chamber. It is easy to install and use within few minutes. It can be transported anywhere easily.

These airbags can give a unique experience of free falling as they are suitable for the participants of the age from 6 to 6 years. You can have an amazing experience on these freefall bags. You can climb on a 3m high or higher tower and jump on the freefall airbag safely. In order to ensure the safety of the jumpers these airbags are designed with two platforms. You can get these airbags in different sizes as per your requirement.

SunparkAirbag has a reputation to manufacture high quality airbags used in sports in China as well as around the world. They provide custom airbags not only for training facilities for Olympic but also to trampoline parks, famous riders, and ski resorts etc. as per their requirement. They use the best techniques and materials to make your dream airbag come true. They ensue to provide you the best products whenever you customize an airbag with them

Reasons to choose SunparkAirbag

For your sports airbag needs you can rely on SunparkAirbag as they are the best designer, manufacturer and supplier of sports airbags in China. They manufacture various types of sports airbags as per the requirements of their customers. They ensure the safety of the users as they use the best quality soft and strong materials to make their products safe and durable.

The airbags manufactured by SunparkAirbag are supplied all over the Middle East, Europe and the USA as they meet their standards while making airbags of their choice. The reasonable price of their airbags is another reason for which they are their products are liked throughout the world.

Another reason to choose SunparkAirbag for your airbag needs is that their products are certified by CE EN14960. They get their designs approved by the sports industry of Europe before starting to manufacture airbags according to their requirement. In this way, they guarantee the safety of the users and durability of their airbags.

Thus, SunparkAirbag, a Chinese airbag manufacturing company in Guangzhou, can be the best manufacturer and supplier for you. They can provide you various types of the best and most durable sports airbags including inflatable stunt airbag as per your requirements.

Why We Need Inflatable Landing Airbag?

As a stunt performer, you need absolute safety to try some new moves. Though you are protected by the helmets and pads what about your soft landing? This article is for those stuntmen who like to take their game to the next level and want to practice their incredible moves without compromising safety.

So if you are someone who loves to perform freestyle activities, or big jumps from ramps riding your BMX, snowboard, and skateboard, you definitely need a soft sports airbag in order to make a smooth landing.

This is the part where we come into play, you don’t have to reach out to various websites to check out information on airbags. You will be served with all necessary information on landing airbags along with the location you can get supplies of safe and strong inflated landing airbags.

So without further ado let us begin by understanding what exactly are landing airbags, and what its advantages are.

What is landing airbags?

Inflatable FMX Landing Airbag (3) Inflated Landing Bag (1)
As the name is projecting the definition – landing airbags are an inflated bag that is designed to cover the entire landing area, to provide protection against strong impacts.

Landing airbags are widely used in sports as it offers the jumper a great amount of safety while training.

Application of landing airbags

Here is the fact – the landing airbags are bringing revolution in action sports. How? Let us take an example of a stuntman who is into snowboarding sport. That person can only train either in winters or in a location where he can find a slope that is covered with snow to determine his snowboard landing.

But in case of landing airbags, it provides year-round training, as you can use landing airbags in dry slopes in summers and as well as in winters.

The whole point of the example was to give an overview of the when and where it can be used. Now let us see how it works.

The landing airbags are manufactured in such a way that it absorbs every impact of the body when it lands, that means the risk of injury is almost zero percent. There are two layers in the airbag that absorbs the collision.

The air vents can be adjusted in landing airbags that allow a change in the surface either soft or hard.

Landing airbags come with anchoring features. With the help of this feature, you can adjust the elevation of the landing area.

Soft side bumpers are another feature in landing airbags that determines the safety of the jumper. The jumper does not slide off from either side of the landing airbag.

Then there are soft stoppers at the end of airbag that prevents the jumper to make a transition – means from going through a soft surface to a hard one.

Now the biggest question that can come into your mind after reading all these features is – Where can I find this incredible product?’ You need to calm down and wash away all your worries, as we are providing you a link to a site that offers you a wonderful reliable landing airbag.

About SUNPARK Airbag

SUNPARK Airbag is a leading China manufacturer of airbags providing freestyle airbags for leisure industries and extreme sports.

SUNPARK China landing airbag manufacturer have kept the highest priority on the quality of the products so that it ensures the safety of the jumper. The material used in all the products is eco-friendly, and PLATO Brand.

It is recognized and trusted by Famous Rider, World Champions and many resorts and gymnasium. In addition, the products of SUNPARK Airbag have been internationally certified for the Material, Airbags, Blowers.

Product Catalog

Inflatable FMX Landing Airbag
1: Landing Airbag

2: Air Landing

3: Stunt Airbag

4: Freefall Airbag

5: Foam Pit Airbag

6: Custom Airbag

SUNPARK Airbags Advantages

1: Get quality certified airbags for safety.

2: The product catalog offers different types of airbags.

3: PLATO Brand and eco-friendly material inside & outside.

4: Provide customization, and the 3D model is sent for confirmation before starting the production process.

The bottom line is – If you are looking for airbags for extreme sports or leisure and recreational activity SUNPARK Airbag is the best choice you can make.

Final Words

Let us recap the article – Safety is something that cannot and should not be compromised in case of performing either extreme sports or simply training for freestyle moves or for recreational activities that include high jumps.

But if you have that in mind you are good to go and order your product from the best China Manufacturer SUNPARK Airbag that has been serving many resorts, famous riders and world champions over 10 years. Good luck and train safe.