5 Tips Choosing Stand Alone Gymnastics Airbags For Sports Facility


A gymnastics airbag is designed to support all your gymnastic activities. You can get a portable, foam pit, and stand alone airbag for your gymnastics facility. Also, you can consider having one for your school and park.

The benefits of gymnastics airbags are that they are easy to carry and easy to use. If you choose the right one, you can get quality material and prevent injuries. As these are removable and replaceable, you can use them for different sports and other settings.

A gymnastics airbag can serve many purposes. However, you will have to buy a well-designed and durable product to ensure better usability. Also, you will have to consider the maintenance and landing requirements to use your airbag for a long time. In the following, we will cover five tips that you can check to find a suitable gymnastics airbag for your purpose.

Airbag for Gymnastics_Design



Gymnastics airbag pits come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose any based on your unique needs. However, you will have to take care of the hygiene factor. You will have to make sure that the material does not collect or accumulate dirt and dust particles. Also, if the material absorbs sweat, it might cause health issues. Therefore, you will have to choose a material that is soft and meets the hygiene requirements. Otherwise, you might develop skin and other issues after using the airbag a few times. Some toxic materials can accumulate more sweat and other dust particles. That might lead to respiratory problems.

2. SAFETYAirbag for Gymnastics_Landing

Safety is another consideration. You will need a comfortable and safe ground for jumping. You will not like to bury yourself under the toxic foam after every jump. You will need an airbag that ensures a soft and safe landing. Make sure that the design and material can absorb the impact uniformly. Also, you can focus on the tricking. It can help with correct landings. With regular landing practices and safe and comfortable materials, you will feel more confident.


You will have to go through the cleaning requirements before making a decision. If the product requires a lot of care and maintenance, you will have to spend more time and effort on cleaning. All your family members or staff will be spending their time on your gymnastics airbags upkeep. Therefore, you will have to ensure that the airbag can be cleaned easily. Also, there should not be any specific cleaning requirements. More importantly, the material and design should not demand frequent maintenance. You will have to choose a product that you can use for a long time with minimal care.


An airbag can collect dust and impact the health of users. If you have asthma or other respiratory issues, you will have to go with a safer option. You will have to make sure that the airbag maintains cleanliness for a long time and creates a safe and favorable environment for all types of users.


A gymnastics airbag needs to be super comfortable and soft. If the material is heavy and uncomfortable, you cannot practice for a long time. You might experience a bit of pain after using the airbag. Therefore, you will have to check the material and its softness before making a decision. It is better to go with a soft material even if it costs more.

Now you know the things that you should consider while buying a gymnastics airbag. Next, you will have to choose an airbag that meets all the above requirements. If you want such a product, you can consider the SUNPARK Airbag.

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SUNPARK Airbag can be the best choice for your sports facility. It combines all the features that include softness, comfortable and safe landing, and durability. With this airbag, you can expect safe impact absorption and soft landing. There is a unique air chamber to prevent ground contact and make landing comfortable. Also, you can have a simultaneous landing. Apart from that, the top sheet is replaceable, and that makes the product hygienic and durable.

In addition to the above, you can ask for customized solutions to meet your specific landing requirements. Also, you can choose from replaceable or permanent branding. More importantly, you will get two years of warranty support.

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Large-Size-Snow-Sloped-Landing-Airbag-For-Snowboard-Riders China Manufacturer-SUNPARK

Provide Large Size Snow Sloped Landing Airbag For Snowboard Riders

Riders of all skill levels can now enjoy a safe and comfortable landing on a big inflated air cushion. Whether you’re a beginner willing to experience your first jumps or a dedicated athlete looking to go to the next level, there’s something for everyone.


You can practice your freestyle moves safer and faster than anybody else with the snowboard jump airbag. SNOW BOARD AIRBAG has revolutionary air pocket technology with several air vents that allow ski as well as snowboard riders to land and ride away safely after landing a trick. Because the landing airbag is shaped like northern slopes, the athlete can ride out the landing as if it were a competition. This snowboard and freestyle ski airbag will assist athletes in reaching new heights in their chosen sport.

Snow Sloped Landing Airbag For Sports Riders SUNPARK 1030x573 1

SOME BENEFITS OF Snowboarding Airbag

* TWO CHAMBERS SYSTEM – Upper chamber is gentle for landing, the lower or second chamber is hard as a basis. To discourage jumpers from sliding down the side, the air pressure throughout the side bumper was the same as in the bottom chamber. The landing airbag’s accurate landing angle makes it a perfect freestyle training tool for skiers as well as snowboarders who want to learn quickly while minimizing the danger of damage!

* VENTILATION SYSTEM – Based on the athlete’s choices and training goals, various adjustable air vents allow for accurate and independent modification of the suppleness of both the top and bottom airbag chambers.

* STOPPER – Stopper is a 2m tall device that prevents skiers or snowboarders from slipping down the end.

* ANTENNA SYSTEM – There’s an Anchor D ring that is constructed of stainless steel and has a longer working life. For almost all of our airbags, there is one anchor point every 2 meters, with straps that go all the way completely all-around airbags for strong fixation.

* TOP SHEET IS REMOVABLE AND REPLACEABLE – It’s detachable and replaceable unless it wears out. Sandwich Velcro adheres to the top sheet securely and smoothly.

* AIRBAG MATERIALS – The most sophisticated 0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin was used to create this product. It’s water-resistant, UV-resistant, flame-resistant, and also has high tensile strength. The interior material is PVC 1000D, which is ideal for high-tension shape fixation.




From dirt to snow, the LARGE LANDING AIRBAG provides fail-safe protection for novices and pros. For year-round training, the Landing Airbag could be utilized for skiing or snowboarding on snow or even on a dry slope in the summer, BMX or FMX.


Riders on snowboards and skis can practice any trick they wish in a safe atmosphere, whether they are beginners or experts. It could be used in the snow or for dry slope practice within the summer. With its innovative air-chamber technology and various air vents for changing pressure, participants feel comfortable and safe as they descend on the Freestyle Airbag.


When you land on it, the Inflatable Landing Ramp is of greater quality and does not bounce. The Airbag Landing Ramp will undoubtedly reduce your risk whenever you undertake FMX or Snowboard training or shows thanks to its unique multi-air pocket technology. If you’re a beginner, the Inflatable Landing Pad is the ideal tool you can use to train, enhance the tricks, plus avoid injury.


This airbag would permit skiers and snowboarders to properly ride out of the tricks, permitting them to securely learn new skills before putting them on the snow.


Anyone who has trained to backflip, frontflip, or does any other trick on a motorcycle knows that it’s one way to do that in a foam pit and quite another to do it on dirt.


This airbag is completely customizable, which means it could be made to fit almost any landing surface, ramp, slope, or contour. The Mountain Bike Airbag is made up of two layers featuring adjustable air vents that allow you to alter the firmness of both top and bottom airbag chambers based on your preferences as well as training goals.

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SUNPARK Sport inflatable Stunt Airbags Advantages

  • Impact absorption system with 2 layers
  • Softening air vents
  • Side bumpers to prevent jumpers from slipping down the side
  • The stopper at the end to keep jumpers from sliding off the end
  • Removable as well as a removable top sheet
  • Logo branding via printing
  • Anchoring mechanism for fixation
  • Where it counts, strong reinforcements are made
  • Warranty of two years


If you’re looking for landing airbags for snowboarding, there are a few good options. Landing airbags are intended to prevent injury when you land. Reliable CHINA MANUFACTURERS provide you best landing airbag products at affordable prices.

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China Airbag Company manufactures

Need To Know A Professional Freestyle Landing Airbag Company From China

Landing Airbag is a breakthrough invention that has revolutionized action sports. A freestyle landing airbag offers a complete cushion to your fall and helps you in the training for action sports. China Airbag Company manufacturesWhether you are practicing for a Nitro Circus action or the first jumps at a snow skiing event, the landing airbag makes your crashes softer and ride away with your trick. That’s why it’s a preferred training tool for FMX, skate, bike, and scooters. Safety landing airbags are the best training tool for snowboarding and skiing on the winter snow as well as the summer dry slope.

Typically, the top sheet of a landing bag does not allow you to stick up with it, and that precisely helps you avoid injury.

Landing airbag suppliers offer 3D models as per your specifications and your logos so that you can show it to your partners and sponsors.

Following are the key features of China Airbag Company

  • · Airbag with multiple air pockets, 2-layer
  • · Softness adjustment through venting
  • · Advanced dirt or snow anchoring system
  • · Custom built to suit your needs
  • · Non-Stick top sheet

Landing airbags for bikes

Bike landing airbags offer the ultimate soft landing for you and your bikes all-year-round. It gives you the convenience of doing your practice in a safe environment whether it is for fun or a professional event. The safety landing bag is secured to the dirt or wooden landing already in existence or specially created inflated hill. It offers an amazingly soft fall making the participants crash freely without worrying about consequences. Freestyle landing airbags are a true game-changer in freestyle and action sports. Bring a landing airbag to your facility and see how easily, safely and quickly the participants learn freestyle tricks.

Landing airbags for Skate & freestyle

Skate landing airbags are available for both indoor and outdoor facilities. They can be customized to your specific requirements in terms of size and shape. These airbags can be secured on top of a regular landing made either of scaffolding and wood. If your facility does not have a landing, you can procure a landing hill, which can be useful also when you want to travel with your skate landing airbag to different tournaments and events as your mobile landing.

Landing airbags for Ski & Snowboard

Ski & Snowboard landing airbags are exceptional powder landing gear for year-round use. It allows trainees to have a safe and reliable environment to carry out their freestyle practice for fun or professional training. These airbags offer the ultimate soft landing to the participants. The landing bag is secured with an existing landing. It works like a powder landing that allows the sportspersons a worry-free freestyle crash. There is no apprehension of a hard landing. This game-changing sports tool is a much-needed asset to your freestyle training facility. When you train in a landing bag, you train faster and safer.

Landing airbags for bikes FMX/BMX

FMX landing airbags are as tough as it can get but soft enough for the riders to not feel the crash at all. The top sheet is strong but soft. There are no hard materials such as metal rings inside the airbag. This makes the landing on these airbags completely safe. The sizes can be customized. Those who do their practice on landing airbags can learn to flip in the air faster and graduate to higher levels sooner. This ensures that the players can do enough practice in the safe environment of the landing airbags that they can do the stunts safely during real events.

Light & transportable

Landing bags are made with custom-produced materials that make the surface of the bag very tough but keep the overall weight light. These airbags are so tough that they withstand the landings of the heaviest FMX. But in terms of weight, they are typically below 500g/m2, making it easy to move around with it. If you have an action sports facility, you know the difference of 10 people required to move around a huge landing bag than only 5 people doing the same job.

Final thoughts

Landing airbags are extremely useful for people involved in freestyle and action sports. They have game-changers ever since they first appeared on the scene. They allow participants to do their practice without any fear of a hard landing. This is a must-have tool for all sporting facilities involved in freestyle or action sports.

China Airbag Company manufactures all kinds of landing airbags. You can also find numerous landing airbags suppliers based in China. Whether you are looking for freestyle landing airbags or safety landing airbags, you can find them all from China Airbag Company.