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Revolutionizing Gymnastics Training with the Inflatable Gymnastics Airbag

In the realm of gymnastics training, the shift from traditional foam pits to the innovative Inflatable Gymnastics Airbag marks a significant leap in safety and hygiene practices. As clubs and training facilities prioritize cleanliness and safety, this airbag has emerged as the ideal substitute for foam pits, revolutionizing the way athletes train and perform.

At the forefront of this change is our product, the Inflatable Gym Air Bag, meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern gymnastics training. Its versatility is unmatched—it can be seamlessly placed within the pit or utilized independently on level ground.

Let’s delve into the remarkable features that define this game-changing product:

Unparalleled Safety and Performance

Excellent Impact Absorption: Ensuring a safe and secure landing with top-notch impact absorption.

Strategically Placed Air Pillars: With 4 air pillars per square meter, creating a perfectly soft catching zone for landings.

Innovative Air Chamber System: Positioned in the lower part of the airbag, preventing ground contact and establishing a dedicated safety zone.

Removable and Replaceable Top Sheet: Ensuring ease of maintenance and longevity of use.

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Customizable and Durable Design

Tailored Branding Options: Offering permanent or replaceable branding to suit your preferences.

Tailor-Made Configuration: Custom-built to accommodate specific requirements and setup preferences.

Enhanced Durability: Featuring double/quadruple stitching and reinforcements in critical areas for extended durability.

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Superiority in Affordability

Notably, as a professional Chinese supplier, we take pride in offering an exceptional advantage in pricing compared to foreign suppliers. Our commitment to providing high-quality products at competitive prices underscores our dedication to supporting the global gymnastics community in achieving excellence without financial constraints.

Additionally, our product comes with a substantial 2-year warranty, a testament to its quality and reliability.

Our Inflatable Airbag for Gymnastics stands as a testament to innovation and commitment to the safety and progression of gymnastics training. With its cutting-edge design, unparalleled safety features, and affordability, it has become the preferred choice for gymnastics clubs worldwide.

Experience the evolution of gymnastics training with our Inflatable Gymnastics Airbag—a game-changer in safety, performance, and affordability.

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Quality Inflatable FMX Landing Airbag for Sale China Factory Price

FMX Air Landing bag is a safety net for all thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies in freestyle action sports. Inflatable FMX Landing Bag allows you to practices all the stunts and tricks without the fear of a big crush.

With a Landing ramp, you can enable your creativity for aerials stunts to flourish without fear.

The landing pad is weatherproof; It’s simple to use and quick to put up. Using the inflatable ramp will not even require a hill. The landing bag is convenient for travel since it can be folded, thus taking up less space.

Sunpark decided to take into account the feedback and insight of famous riders Sunpark custom-designed a perfect Inflatable FMX landing Bag tailored to counter the needs of every client. In case you want a 30-degree angle or a steeper angle, you need not worry.

Features of FMX airbag landing

FMX landing pad packs various features, all aimed to support the hard falls, steep lands, and durability to last long.FMX Air Landing (4)

  • Equipped with an air vent for softness adjustment
  • State-of-the-art anchoring system for fixation
  • Logo branding with printing
  • 2-year warranty
  • A solid inflated landing ramp
  • Two-layered chambers
  • Sturdy Dual D rings connection
  • Strong reinforcements placed where it’s needed
  • A replaceable and removable top sheet

Understanding the features of FMX landing ramps will help you understand why it’s a game-changer.

  • Air vents system

According to the user’s preference, the Sunpark Airbag comes with an adjustable softness and toughness design of the lower and upper airbag chambers. There are multiple air vents installed to ensure that the landing ramp does adjust the softness efficiently. The air vent systems are designed to let out the entrapped gas to create a softer landing platform so that athletes can practice safely before pulling off their stunts onto a real landing ground or ramp.

  • The chambers system

The top landing airbag consists of two-layered chambers containing multi-compartment air pockets and a single chamber for inflated landing wedge below. The preference of angle can be customized upon request; however, it is commonly used in BMX, MTB, FMX, etc.

  • State-of-the-art anchoring system

The Anchor ring is made of stainless steel that is durable, ensuring a longer life span for all airbags present. All 2-meter one anchor points are fixed around the airbag to create a sturdy fixation to support your practice or the real show.

  • Dual D rings connection.

FMX airbag landing and the inflated ramp are secured by powerful dual double D rings made of stainless steel. The web strip measures 5cm wide, providing enough space and firmness for a rider to land.

  • Removable and Replaceable Top Sheet

The surface material is made out of a special coating with fantastic effects for a variety of sports. The Top sheets have unmatched durability and flexibility which can be removed and replaced once it wears out.

Landing Airbag Materials

Sunpark employs highly advanced 0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin (a coated fabric with mesh inside) created by a popular Chinese supplier ‘Plato.’ The material is waterproof, fire inhibiting, and has powerful tensile strength. The color and pattern are employed as requires upon order. Depending on the number you want, it takes about 12 working days to have your requested FMX airbag landing.

Sunpark has hand-selected some of the best workers with five years and above rich in experience to assure quality in production.

Types of Airbags

· SUNPARK AIRBAG AIR LANDING: THIS FMX air landing is made of two parts, the op part (landing bag) and the bottom (ramp). The two pieces are individual but are joined by some strong Dual double D rings with a web strip. The airbag landing will provide you with a soft landing and save you time and storage space, and it’s commonly used for FMX, MTB, and BMX.

FMX Air Landing (4)

· SUNPARK AIRBAG LANDING AIRBAG: SunparkAirbag Landing Airbag has dual chambers with various compartments and air pockets. The vents are placed on both sides for adjustment of softness. This landing airbag is made out of famous PLATO material made in China. There are side bumpers employed on both sides to avoid sliding off from the side.

Mountain Bike Airbag Landing

· FOAM PIT AIRBAG: This airbag has a unique air chamber unit in its lower parts to avoid ground contact. The foam pit airbag features four pillars that completely absorb shock making the landing impact as comfortable as possible. This airbag is used in many sporting activities, i.e., Trampoline parks, indoor freestyle, Gymnastics, snowboarding, ski and more.

Foam Pit Standalone Airbag

· CUSTOM AIRBAG: This airbag is built according to the client’s intended vision once they come up with the idea, design, and color scheme. The specifications are handed down to a team of SUN PARK professionals to ensure that your final goal is met. You can decide to customize the airbag for trampolining, skiing, ninja warrior activities, gymnastics, or recreational activities.

Skateboard Airbag Customized Design

How much do FMX airbags cost?

Sunpark offers affordable prices for all the products with room for reasonable negations. The price of an FMX air landing bag is negotiated, depending on the size, design, and number of bags you need. Once purchased, the FMX air landing bag comes with a repair kit, blower, and a heavy-duty carrying kit.

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Maintaining healthy communication is key in running a good business. If you need an FMX air landing bag, there are many channels you can use to get in touch with SUNPARK. The best alternative would be to contact via mobile phone through:


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