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With over 10 years of experience, we provide freestyle airbags for ski resorts, theme park, sports and gymnastics facility around the globe. SunparkAirbag® is the leading manufacturer of Airbags for Extreme Sports and Leisure Industries in China.

As extreme sports developed, more and more snowboarders and serious sports enthusiasts are looking for safer training possibilities to progress without risks of getting injured. We create the products for World Champion Snowboarder, famous riders and trampoline parks worldwide. We are deeply committed to the development and improving of our own products.


SunparkAirbag® Landing Airbag is used for indoor and outdoor facilities, such as SNOWBOARD, SKI, SKATE, BMX, FMX, FREESTYLE ACTIVITIES etc. Olympic Size landing bag is available for Olympic Team training freestyle winter sports.

This portable landing will not only save you countless hours in setting up and tearing down instead of scaffold/dirt but will also save a lot of storage space when traveling around.

Unique air chamber system in lower part of the airbag to prevent ground contact (SAFETY ZONE). It’s very easy to transport, can be set up in a matter of minutes and used for all sorts of different sports and facilities

Lower air chamber is located at the base with higher air pressure to avoid any floor contact, even on the highest of jumps. SunparkAirbag® Stunt Airbag provides super soft, super safe landings.

The twin-platform is designed so that participants must first successfully complete the lower 3mH jump before attempting the higher 4mH platform. There are several types of airbags for this game.

Custom Airbag is available. SunparkAirbag® is a recognized manufacturer with a reputation for superior quality sports airbag in China. We have worked with Olympics Training Facilities, Ski Resorts



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If you are looking for Airbags for Sports, SunparkAirbag® is your best choice! We are more than professional at producing airbags, we are your best business partner for one-stop-service.

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